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DRB faculty members are drawn from four different campuses (Cambridge, HMS Longwood, MGH East, and MGH Central) and a multitude of departments. This diversity in faculty membership will allow our students access to an expanded number of faculty whose research interests span a variety of topics in the DRB purview.

To learn more about DRB faculty, visit our Faculty Highlight section or meet them at a DRB Faculty Seminar!


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Interested in Becoming a DRB Faculty Member?

There are currently 80+ DRB faculty members in a multitude departments from four different campuses. Do you want to join us as an active DRB faculty member? Here are the ground rules:

  1. Because DRB is a program with the BBS, every DRB faculty member must be a BBS faculty member. If you are not a BBS faculty member, you must apply. Please note that BBS faculty applications are reviewed just once a year, in May. So if you are thinking of apply, do it now! Here is a link to the application.

    BBS faculty members should email Davie Van Vactor indicating their interest in joining DRB. Please include a brief description of your research and which DRB-related courses you would be interested in teaching. 

  2. Every DRB faculty member must teach in some capacity at least once every two-year period. There are many ways to fulfill this requirement, including teaching in a full course, organizing a quarter course or nanocourse, participating in boot camp, or serving as a mentor for DRB data journal club. 

  3. DRB faculty are expected to participate, and to encourage their students' participation in extra-curricular activities organized by the DRB. These activities include the monthly DRB faculty seminar series and monthly DRB data journal club. 

  4. We expect strong mentorship from all of our faculty. DRB faculty are expected to mentor students in their research endeavors and in the development of their careers. DRB faculty agree to mentor their own research students and be DRB faculty advisors to students outside of their own lab.

If you can follow these rules, then we would love to have you on the team! The executive committee will consider requests to join the DRB faculty at our quarterly meetings.

Areas of Research

The 80+ faculty members who are actively participating in the DRB program have varied research interests. In an effort to help you identify faculty who work in a particular sub-field of developmental or regenerative biology, we have categorized them into the following 8 categories. In many cases, however, individual faculty fit into more than one category and are therefore listed multiple times. Click on the faculty names to link to their BBS homepages.

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